Malene & the family

Malene took over Henneby Camping in march 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, but she didn't let that stop her. Since then she has transformed the little kiosk and made a little seating area where, at some point, it will be possible to sit and enjoy a coffee, soda beer or ice-cream.

She's got many ideas what she would like to do with the campsite, you can follow the further transformation of the place here, on Facebook & Instagram. Malene is the owner, and the one you come to if you have questions, but she is not alone, she's got the support of her family. Her partner Kåre, and their 4 kids, who you also can run into at the camp site.

Thor & Freja

Thor & Freja are Malene & Kåres dogs. They might look big and dangerous but the look deceives. They are to big teddy bears who love attention and rubs.  So if you hear them bark, don't worry they are just excited to see people. You can just yell "Hey Freja/Thor" and they'll stop. If you wanna say hi, and give them some belly-rubs, please ask Malene or Kåre first. Never approach a strangers dog without permission.

The employees


Cleaning and caretaker
Janusz has been at Henneby Camping for many years. So it wasn't a surprice that Malene wanted to keep him here. Janusz is the one who helps fixing any problems that might arise. And he is always ready to help.


Reception and kiosk
Stine is working at the reception and kiosk. She takes care of our guests when checking in and out of our campsite. In the kiosk she is always ready to help and guide the costumers.