Regulations Henneby Camping

Here you can see the regulations that apply at Henneby Camping. We hope that you will help us make Henneby Camping a nice place to be for everyone, by following these rules.

General rules.

·     Max speed on the grounds 10km/h

·     Don't park your car on the free slots, show respect to new guests.

·     Visitors are always welcome here, but please park your car outside the camp site. There are parking spots in front of the reception.

·     Benches on the campsite can by used by all guests, but remember to put them back again so others can enjoy them as well.

·     The boom is closed between 23:00 - 07:00

·     Night rest is between 23:00 - 07:00. Failure to do so can result in expulsion.

·     Departure: On departure day, the bill must be settled latest by 12:00. But if nobody is arriving at your slot you can stay longer than 12:00.

·     The slot must look like it did at arrival. This means the grass must be cut and there can't be any holes in the ground, tiles, trees or other garbage. The campsite owner is not liable for possible leftovers, not even caravans/tents. Leftover things will be removed, and the slot cleaned, at the tenant's expense.

·     Dogs on the campsite must be kept in leashes, failure to do so can result in expulsion.

·     Dogs are welcome at the campsite. But not in our  common areas like the kitchen, bathrooms & playrooms. The dogs should be walked outside the campsite. But should an "accident" happen anyway please be so kind and remove it from the grounds. If you don't have a dog-bag, you can get one at the reception.

·     There are garbage containers for glass/bottles, cardboard/paper, iron/metal and household waste.

Everything that doesn't belong under those categories, e.g.. chairs, carpets, tents etc. you have to drop of at recycling. 

·     From 1. november till 15. march it is not allowed to drive or park on the grass. During the Winther months all traffic, in cars, must happen on the gravel paved streets.

·     In addition we ask you to follow the common camping rules.

Help us to keep this campsite neat and nive. Treat the things like you would treat your own things. This gives joy to all of us, and helps raise the standard and keep the costs down.